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Hi Norman

Took the TR3 out for it’s first drive on English Soil today! She polished up beautifully.

People were waving and smiling as I went past….what a feeling.

The plugs were carbonned up and there was an electrical issue on the alternator.

All sorted and she runs beautifully.

Do you have any history of previous owners please Norman?

Many thanks once again.





Mike Smith – UK

Hi Norman and Jennie

Just to let you know that the TR2 is now safely in the UK, I’ve attached a couple of pictures of its arrival in sunny Manchester! After giving the battery a charge it started straight away, most pleasing. I’m delighted to be the owner of such a wonderful car, and I’m sure it will bring my young son and I many hours of amusement over years to come. All I need now is to get it registered so that I can finally get out on the roads before our brief summer is over!2015-06-03 16.37.27



Pete – UK

Good morning Jennifer, Norman,

hope you are well! Thanks for information. On facebook I saw your pics of your voyage! Jen did a fantastic job with the trailer. Last week it was the first time for me pulling a trailer from Hamburg to our home – with an iconic MGA in my neck…

Enclosed pic of the NEW OWNER Mischa, our youngest son. He loves the MGA. (Mischa: …better than my last girls J)

After changing motoroil and cooling fluid we will make the german TUEV and then – because winter is coming – put the MGA

Into a conditioned garage where are the other cars … Later you will get pics from all our cars.

Kind regards


MGA export


Michael – Germany

Dear Norman, Jennifer

I Hope that you are well.

I wanted to share this picture of my MGB at La Prairie on the south coast with you.

She is a real head turner and very good to drive!

Kind regards,

Avinash – Mauritius

Jensen sent to Germany.

Hallo Norman!

Der Jensen 541R ist am Freitag angekommen. Alles hat bestens geklappt.

Vielde herzlichen Dank für Deine Organisation und die Vermittlung. Es war durch

Deine Hilfe kein Problem das Fahrzeug aus Südafrika zu uns nach Deutschland zu

Bringen. Ich hoffe wir können in nächster Zeit wieder so einen Kauf tätigen!

Herzliche Grüße

Stefan – Germany
Riley sent to UKI assume this car was the model Mike Jones used for his recreation? ‘His’ car is fine – it now has a UK registration (see photos), mirrors, n/s rear lamp and some new tyres etc for the MoT.I’ve been doing a number of minor jobs – tidying up the electrics, fitting mixure enrichment to both carburettors (it only needed one in the warmth of SA), sorting out oil leaks and so on. Next job is to have a tonneau cover made to give some protection from the English weather!Keep in touch.
Peter – UK
FORD and BENTLEYDear Jennie and Norman,

I am very glad that both car, Ford and Bentley have arrived on Saturday. They are very nice and I am happy to get them as you cen see from the picture. You can be sure that I will care after them as good as the former owners. After my bank account will get more healthy I will carefully follow your internet pages again.

Thank you very much for your effort and  hope we can meet in Knysna probably next year.

Best regards

V.K. – Czech Republic

client1Hi Norman,
after nearly four months of treatment in my friends place, I picked up my old Lady yesterday, and after some thorough treatment inside and outside I took some pictures this afternoon. If  you compare the pictures with the ones naerly one year ago, you will surely recognise the difference.

Gottfried – Germany